Missed connection compensation

Missed Connection Compensation

When your journey involves connecting flights, any flight delay, flight cancellation or denied boarding can cause you to miss your connecting flight. As long as your flights are booked together as parts of the same reservation, you may apply for missed connection compensation under EU Regulation EC 261/2004.

Missed Connection Because of Flight Delay

In order to be eligible for compensation for missed connection the rules for flight delay under EC 261 apply. The airline must find you an alternative flight to your final destination. If you arrive at your final destination three or more hours later than your original flight, you can submit a claim for financial compensation.

For more information about the requirements that make you eligible, check Delayed flight compensation.

Missed Connection Because of Flight Cancellation

If you miss your connecting flight because of a flight cancellation you can claim compensation under EC 261 as long as you are eligible. Check the requirements under Cancelled flight compensation.

Missed Connection Because of Denied Boarding on an Overbooked Flight.

If you are denied boarding and miss your connecting flight the airline should offer you an alternative to your final destination and you are entitled to monetary compensation. Here you can check the requirements and the compensation amounts.