Flight compensation FAQ

Flight Compensation FAQ

When Passengers Can Claim Flight Compensation?

Passengers can claim compensation for delayed or cancelled flight, as long as the delay at the final destination is at least three hours. EC 261/2004 secures the passengers’ rights regarding overbooked flights and missed connections. However, the laws differ based on where you’re flying. You can claim compensation for: Any flight by any airline, which started in a country, member of the EU; any flight by an EU airline, landing into a country, member of the EU. There are cases which are exempt from compensation. Exemptions occur when a flight was delayed/canceled because of extraordinary circumstances such as adverse weather conditions, lightning strikes, Air Traffic control restrictions, airport personnel strikes, medical emergency, security threats, etc. For more detailed information for delayed flight here, for cancelled flight here, and for denied boarding here

Is It Easy to Claim?

We know from experience that some airlines are reluctant to assist the process of flight compensation. We have the resources and the knowledge to recover your compensation.

How Can I Check the Status of My Claim?

We will inform you immediately by email as soon as there is any change about your claim. You can login at My Claim using your email address and your claim ID and check all history and the current status of the claim. You also can contact us via e-mail at any time.

How Long Will It Take Until I Receive Flight Compensation Payment?

Some cases are successfully resolved within a few weeks and other cases could take more than a year. The processing time depends on each individual case, the airline’s regulation policy and the legal situation. After your claim is processed it is up to the airline to accept it. The volume of claims in a given moment during the year could also affect the processing times.

Can I File a Claim for Another Person?

Yes, you can file a claim for all the persons listed in a booking or any person under your booking can fill in a separate online form him/herself. If you file for someone else you need to have their written permission.

How Much My Compensation Would Be?

The compensation amount depends on the delay in hour at your final destination and the distance of the journey. For more information check the following table about Delayed Flights , Cancelled and Denied Boarding

What is Power of Attorney?

Power of attorney authorizes us to take the appropriate legal steps in your name to collect compensation from the airline. It is a supporting document needed to process your claim. It should be signed by all adult passengers. For minor passengers, a legal guardian should sign the document.

How much do you charge and when I have to pay?

You do not pay any service fee in advance. You will be charged 25% service fee from your claim compensation amount if only your claim is successful and compensation is received. The fee is deductible from the airline’s payment. No fee is due if your case is unsuccessful. In case the airline pay the compensation in your bank account, you should contact ClaimMyFlights requesting our bank details and transfer the service fee.

How to submit a claim?

To submit a claim with ClaimMyFlights just fill out the information requested in our Claim Now form. We need your flight information to confirm claim eligibility and to submit it with the air carrier.

Can I claim compensation for a flight included in a vacation package?

If the flight is eligible for compensation under the regulations, you can claim compensation regardless of the flight being a part of a vacation package.

Can I submit receipts for additional costs (accommodation, meals, transfers, etc.)?

ClaimMyFlights process claims only for delayed/canceled flight or denied boarding. If you incurred any additional expenses related to your flight disruption, you may submit them directly to the operating airline. This will not interfere with your monetary compensation claim.

Do I need my flight documents to claim?

Keep all flight documents you have (booking confirmation, boarding passes, any correspondence regarding your flight disruption). We may need them to support your claim since every airline has different requirement for claims processing.

How to upload documents to my claim?

All documents you want to attach to your claim could be uploaded with your initial claim submission (in the Booking confirmation choose file section in the claim form). You could also reply attaching the files to the email ClaimMyFlights sends as a claim submission confirmation.

What should I do if the airline contacted me after the claim submission?

Some airlines contact the passengers directly. In such cases according to our Terms and Conditions you should notify us immediately and forward the correspondence received to us. Sometimes the air carriers would offer you perks instead of financial compensation. Please do not accept anything before consulting with us. Please be advised that if you receive the compensation directly or accept vouchers or points instead of monetary compensation, we are still entitled to our service fee of 25% from the compensation amount determined by the regulations.

Can I submit my claim myself or to more than one company?

You need to decide if you want to pursue your compensation directly with the airline or you would contract with us to do it on your behalf. Once you submit your claim through our system and agree to the Terms and Conditions, you are not permitted to submit any other claims yourself or through another company for the same travel disruption. Having more than one claim would result in paying multiple service fees once you receive your compensation.