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Author: Dave Michigan

The Countries That Offer Flight Delay Compensation

Travel is one of the best experiences anyone can have but in some cases it important for travelers to know, there are countries that offer flight delay compensation. When we travel, it is but usual to go through airports and deal with airlines and fights. We know the policies and procedures and we follow through […]

How to Avoid Flight Delays

Delayed flights are hard to avoid these days. In fact, it has been noted that out of every 100 flights in the US and EU, 25 either depart or arrive delayed. This is due to a lot of many different reasons that include ATC regulations, crew problems, and even catering delays. The only good thing […]

How Far in Advance Should I Book a Flight?

Booking a ticket in advance is always a good idea since it not only allows you to book a cheaper flight but it also gives you more choices. You won’t have to settle for a flight that leaves at an ungodly hour of the night or one that puts you in the middle of a […]

The Effects of Brexit on Air Passenger Rights

There are several issues that need to be clarified regarding flight compensation after Brexit. UK citizens enjoy impressive air passenger rights. The rights and laws that are in place encourage airlines to continuously improve their services. When things go wrong, particularly when a flight is delayed or canceled, flight compensation is always paid to passengers. […]

The Best and the Worst European Airlines

Traveling can either be a pleasure or a nightmare – depending on the airline you’re flying. If you are planning to travel within Europe this year, then here is a list of airlines you should try, and also a list of airlines you want to avoid. This report ranks airlines based on their on-time performance, […]