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European Airlines - The Best and the Worst

Traveling can either be a pleasure or a nightmare – depending on the airline you’re flying. If you are planning to travel within Europe this year, then here is a list of airlines you should try, and also a list of airlines you want to avoid.

This report ranks airlines based on their on-time performance, customer service quality and claims processing performance. Each of the airlines is given an overall score on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.

Top 10 European Airlines

Austrian airlines

1. Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines is the best European airlines for 2019. The carrier scored an overall total of 7.9. On time performance was scored 7.1, customer service at 8.1. Its overall world ranking is 9.

2. Flybe

The second-best European airline is Flybe, coming in with a world ranking of 11. Its overall score is 7.75, with on time performance at 7.1, customer service at 7.7 and claim processing at 8.4.

3. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM comes in at third place, and holds a world ranking of 12. Its overall rating is 7.74, and on time performance is 7.8, customer service at 8.1 and claim processing at 7.4.

4. Virgin Atlantic

With a world ranking of 15, Virgin Atlantic has been scored 7.69 overall. Its on time performance is 7.6, customer service is 8.3 and claim processing is 7.2.

5. Air France

With a world ranking of 19, Air France scored an overall 7.6 points, with its on time performance getting a 6.7 rating. Customer service was scored 8.2 and a claim processing score of 7.9.

6. LOT Polish Airlines

One of the old airlines in existence, LOT has a world ranking of 20, with an overall score of 7.59. Its customer service rating is 8.5, and claim processing is at 7.9. It loses out on on-time performance with a score of 6.9.

7. British Airlines

The UK’s flagship carrier comes in at number 7, with a world ranking of 23. It scores 7.54 in overall performance, with on-time performance at 7.1, customer service at 8.3 and claims handling at 7.3.

8. Lufthansa

The largest European airline comes in at number 8, and has a world ranking of 24. Its on-time performance is relatively poor, at 6.5, while its customer service ranks an 8. It scores much higher than other airlines in claims processing at 8.1.

9. Olympic Air

A subsidiary of Greek Aegean Airlines, Olympic Air comes in at number 9, with a world ranking of 31. It has the highest on-time performance rating of 9, and customer service score of 8.5. However, it also has the poorest claims processing score of 4.1.

10. Aeroflot

This Russian airline, with a world ranking of 32, rates well on on-time performance 8.4 and customer service 8.6, however, it loses out on claims processing with a score of 4.5.

Worst 10 European Airlines

Here is a list of European Airlines you should avoid at any cost:

1. Thomas Cook Airlines

This British airline has been ranked as the worst on its list. It has an overall rating of 5.26, and a claims processing rating of just 2.5.

2. Easy Jet

Another British carrier, Easy Jet’s low-cost mantra seems to extend to its overall performance. It has been ranked the second lowest of all airlines in Europe.

3. Ryanair

This Irish carrier has consistently ranked low on all surveys for the last 6 years.

4. Norwegian

Another low-cost carrier, this time from Norway, comes in with an overall score of 5.67. While its customer service and on-time performance scores are not too bad at 7.8 and 7 respectively, this carrier only has a claim processing score of 2.3.

5. Laudamotion

This Austrian low-cost airline has a decent customer service rating of 7.4, but loses out on on-time performance 5.1 and claim handling 4.6.

6. Transavia

A Dutch low-cost airline, Transavia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KLM. Despite its affiliation to the larger carrier, it is one of the worst airlines in the European region.

7. Adria Airways

Slovenia’s only airline with a scheduled service, Adria Airways doesn’t do well on the ranking system. Customer service isn’t too bad with a score of 7.5, but claims handling is a low 3.8.

8. Vueling Airlines

Vueling, the airlines with the largest fleet in Spain, is also one of the worst in Europe. It has an overall score of 6.02, and rates poorly on claims processing at 4.4.

9. TAP Air Portugal

Portugal’s flagship carrier ranks as one of the worst airlines in Europe. Customer service is decent at 7.7, but both claim handling and on-time performance come in at low 5s.

10. Czech Airlines

The Czech Republic’s national airlines is the last on our list of the 10 worst carriers in Europe. It has an overall score of 6.31, an on-time performance score of 6, customer service score of 7.7 and a claims processing score of 5.2.