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      Flight compensation per person:
      up to €600 for EU
      up to C$2400 for Canada!

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      Flight Compensation Process

      3 easy steps to get compensated


      1. Submit The Claim

      Provide details for your travel troubles. Our experts will evaluate your claim and let you know your flight compensation entitlement.


      2. We Do The Work

      We submit the claim to the Airline in the best possible way! We will contact you for supporting documents to create your file and negotiate flight compensation with the airline.


      3. Get The Compensation

      You receive your compensation as soon as your claim is successful.

      Flight Compensation Blog

      The Countries That Offer Flight Delay Compensation

      Travel is one of the best experiences anyone can have but in some cases it important for travelers to know, there are countries that offer flight delay compensation. When we travel, it is but usual to go through airports and deal with airlines and fights. We know the policies and procedures and we follow through…

      How To Avoid Flight Delays

      Delayed flights are hard to avoid these days. In fact, it has been noted that out of every 100 flights in the US and EU, 25 either depart or arrive delayed. This is due to a lot of many different reasons that include ATC regulations, crew problems, and even catering delays. The only good thing…

      Know Your Rights

      Delayed Flight Compensation

      The regulation that covers delayed flight compensation is called EC 261/2004. This is a regulation of the European Union that covers EU territories, as well as Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland.

      You can file a claim for delayed flight compensation if all of the following apply:

      1. You arrive at the final destination three or more hours later than the time originally scheduled.
      2. Your departure is from the EU (regardless of the destination or the air carrier) or your destination is in the EU and an EU based airline performed the flight.
      3. The airline is responsible for the delayed flight (no extraordinary circumstances as adverse weather conditions, airport strikes, security treats, medical emergency, etc. Involved).
      4. You are on time to check in for your flight.
      5. The delayed flight happened during the Statute of Limitations in the country where the air carrier is headquartered.

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      Cancelled Flight Compensation

      Cancelled flights are also covered by EC 261/2004. You can file a claim for compensation if all of the following apply:

      1. Your departure is from the EU (regardless the destination or the air carrier) or your destination is in the EU and the flight is operated by an EU based airline.
      2. The airline is responsible for the flight cancellation (no extraordinary circumstances as adverse weather conditions, airport strikes, security treats, medical emergency, etc. Involved).
      3. You hold a confirmed reservation that shows the number, passenger’s name, date and time of the flight, etc.
      4. The airline did not inform you for the cancellation at least 14 days before the scheduled date.
      5. There was a delay in your arrival time if you accepted re-routing or alternative.

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      Denied Boarding Compensation

      Denied boarding happens. There are multiple regulations that covers it.

      Denied boarding according EC 261/2004.

      The Regulation apply when you

      1. Checked in on time for your flight
      2. Have all documents required for the travel – confirmed reservation, passport, boarding pass, etc.
      3. Do not represent a health, security or safety concern
      4. Arrived at the gate on time for boarding

      If you meet all of the above and still experience denied boarding, usually is because of an overbooked flight.

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      Missed Connection Compensation

      When your journey involves connecting flights, any flight delay, flight cancellation or denied boarding can cause you to miss your connecting flight.

      As long as your flights are booked together as parts of the same reservation, you are covered under EU Regulation EC 261/2004.

      Missed connection because of flight delay

      In order to be eligible for compensation for missed connection the rules for flight delay under EC 261 apply. The airline must find you an alternative flight to your final destination. If you arrive at your final destination three or more hours later than your original flight, you can submit a claim for financial compensation.For more information about the requirements that make you eligible, check Delayed flight compensation.

      Missed connection because of flight cancellation If you miss your connecting flight because of a flight cancellation you can claim compensation under EC 261 as long as you are eligible. Check the requirements under Cancelled flight compensation.

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      Customer flight compensation Sandra Sorrino

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      Customer flight compensation Sandra Sorrino

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      Our mission is to let more people know about their rights when they experience delayed, canceled or overbooked flight. We are here to help passengers receive the compensation they are entitled to. We know that the airlines make it difficult for individuals to succeed in claiming their compensation. The limited knowledge about when and how, the lack of time or expertise makes it even more difficult. We have created our company to take care of all the hurdles along the process. We are a team of professionals in communications, finance and technology. It is our goal to deliver fast and efficient system that is easy to use. We will do the work behind the scene that leads to success.

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